My first post – Who am I?

February 4, 2011

As I write this, not only do I wonder whether this could be my first and last post, but also how many other blogs out there have that solitary, lonely, three paragraphs of text, sitting patiently at the top of the page. Waiting, to be shunned below into the quieter calms of below the page fold… or perhaps even archived onto page 2!

Well this will be different, I will be blogging every single day, you’ll know not only every time I brush my teeth, but also what flavour toothpaste it was! No, not really, it’s always mint.

Now that’s out of the way perhaps I can begin to tell you, the world-wide audience, what I intend to ponder on with this blog.

I am an IT professional. Mainly using Microsoft products and services. But I’m currently going through an identity crisis!

Having always used, developed, supported and advocated products from Redmond, the last six months have seen me get an iPhone, closely followed by an iPad and I’m writing this on a shiny MacBook Air. Running in parallel, I’ve been developing in PHP, for an e-commerce solution running on a Linux platform. I don’t sound much like a Microsoft guy?

I still mainly work with Microsoft products, but it’s interesting (probably just to me), that I appear to be becoming platform agnostic. As part of my daily working life, I develop in ASP.NET, I support a number of Windows workstations, terminal services environments, Exchange and SQL servers.

So, what will I be writing about (if this post doesn’t end up like the other only single post entries out there)? Hopefully, for you guys that have read this, not quite so much ramblings and a little more of tips, tricks and experiences as I bumble through life.

Am I a mac or a PC? Quite frankly, I think I just love tech!